The musical begins at the home of Kassndra and Roger Stinson.  Roger is a successful advertising executive however, Kassie is discontent  The scene opens just before an important dinner party.   

Patches of Blue is a light-hearted musical comedy with jazz and pop elements in its musical style.  The story has challenges, intrigue, suspense, inspiration and humour. It is an original work that is 100% Canadian. 

There are six main characters - two males (30 - 40 years of age), three females (25 - 35 years of age) and a young girt.  All main characters are singing roles.  The musical requires a minimum of 4 dancers.



A 2-minute Trailer and a 10-minute Storyline is now available. 



Alysa King - Kassie

Alysa has always had a passion for theatre and has studied the performing arts at both Sheridan College and Queen's University. While at Queen's, she appeared in several Kingston productions and had the opportunity to create new Canadian roles with the Plastic People Theatre Company’s “Punchline” and Facebox Theatre’s “Framed”. 

She also had the privilege of performing in Canada's first student Shakespearean Repertory Company, Vagabond Theatre, and enjoyed revamping the classic play "Romeo and Juliet" by playing Romeo as a female lead.   Other performances include:  “Tick, Tick … BOOM!” (Susan, Blue Canoe Productions), “A Chorus Line” (Cassie, Broken Glass Productions), “The Merchant of Venice” (Portia, Vagabond Theatre), “Titus Andronicus” (Chiron, Blue Canoe Productions), “My Narrator” (Barb, Queen's University) and “Hair” (Dionne, Queen's Musical Theatre).

Nara Farrell - Julia

Nara was born in England, but has lived in many different countries, finally settling in Canada.  She has a love of accents and voices.  She has played different roles and has yet to use her own voice on stage!  She has created many original characters using her voices.  In past years she has performed in productions of “Oliver!”, “Lend Me A Tenor” and “Breeze Block Park”.   

In 2010, she joined forces with her comedy partner and together they created MF Arts a company that promotes their comedy. 

Zach Okkema  Roger

Zach has been involved in the dramatic arts from a young age.  He has written scripts for elementary school productions and has been currently performing in Brantford Collegiate Institute’s production of The Giver.   While Zach has always had a passion for acting, he has recently been studying voice and this was his first role in a musical.


Robbie Fenton  John

Robbie recently found his love for the performing arts.   He has performed in "Sweeney Todd", "Suessical the Musical", "Alice and Wonderland", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Sound of Music".  He has also performed in one other original show called "Curtain Call", and loves working with the person who wrote the musical itself.  Robbie also trains in dance at the Academy of Dance for ballet, theatre, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary. 



Erin Collier - Sylvia


Erin started to perform very young as a figure skater.  She performed in her high school drama production “Random Play”, but she has not pursued any performance opportunities since then.  Having studied dance and voice, she has always wanted to re-enter the musical scene.  Erin made her debut in the supporting role of Sylvia.

Casey Ascott - Claire

Casey has enjoyed performing on the stage since she was 4 years old.  She has had the honour of performing in various productions at the Sanderson Centre, Paris Fair and Cobblestone Festival.  Casey has also had the opportunity to film a few commercials in Toronto.   She enjoys acting, singing, swimming, piano and animals.  Casey was very excited to work with this talented cast on such a heart-warming story.


“Wonderfully entertaining!  Bravo!

“Amazing music.”

“Loved your production.  Keep on.”

“You finally accomplished your dream and you did it with style.  I LOVED this musical.”

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dream coming true.  What a great experience.”

“I am looking forward to seeing this on Broadway!”

“This has really been a heart-warming production.”

“It was a wonderful musical and to see it all come together in a final performance was fabulous.”

“You have created a masterpiece.”

“Absolutely amazing production.”